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Endless Israeli military campaigns in Tulkarem

One of the martyrs from the occupation forces attack on 5th October near the Shufa chackpoint

By. Diana Khwaelid Tulkarm – 5-10-2023 A rapid military operation carried out by the Israeli occupation forces in Tulkarem camp at dawn today, around 5 a.m. Dozens of Israeli military vehicles stormed Tulkarem camp in the centre of the city, ...

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Israeli settlers and soldiers invade Balata refugee camp

20th September 2013 | International Solidarity Movement, Nablus team | Occupied Palestine On the 17th of September, under heavy Israeli army protection, Israeli settlers from nearby illegal settlements entered Nablus with the aim of praying at Joseph’s tomb in Balata refugee camp. ...

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A story from Balata refugee camp

22nd July 2014 | International Solidarity Movement, Nablus team | Balata, Occupied Palestine The Abu Leel family are refugees, who fled from Haifa to Balata refugee camp in Nablus in 1948. Asma Alshmeer gave birth to 10 healthy children, five ...

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Turtles in Aqraba

by Jonas Weber 10 February 2012 | International Solidarity Movement, West Bank “Hurry up you turtles!” Wael yelled in the distance. He had suddenly turned this walk into some kind of contest. We skipped across the rocky landscape of Palestine, ...

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The psychology and coping of Balata refugee camp

by Alistair George 30 September 2011 | International Solidarity Movement, West Bank Balata refugee camp, 2km east outside of Nablus, in the North of the West Bank, is a densely packed grid of permanent buildings and tight streets, many narrower ...

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