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Provocations continue: settler rally in Al Buwayra

19 August 2010 | ISM Media Al Buwayra /Al Baqa’a Valley About 4 pm on 18 August 2010, a group of international activists witnessed an large number of Israeli settlers walking in groups up to “Hill 18” in Al Buwayra, a ...

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Dark days in Al Buwayra: a week of settler attacks

Al Buwayra is a small village located on the outskirts of Hebron, with about 560 inhabitants. Most people are farmers, growing grapes and vegetables to support themselves. The situation in the village is critical, and villagers are repeatedly being attacked ...

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CPT: Settlers Heat Up the Air in Al Bweireh

Christian Peacemaker Team – Hebron Since approximately 2000, the Israeli Military and nearby settlers have set in place an iron gate across the road leading to Al Bweireh. They have also positioned a huge several-ton rock perhaps 25 meters from ...

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