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A Wave of Non-Violence

1. Protesters Hang Themselves on The Wall, Friday, March 3rd 2. Bil’in and Beit Sira March Together For Peace, Friday, March 3rd 3. Aboud Stops Construction on the Wall Friday, March 3rd, By Harry 4. Soldiers shamed by checkpoint, Saturday ...

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Silenced Truth

Reflections on the Balata Invasion: 1.Simply. Not. News. by neta Golan 2.Report of Balata Invasion by IWPS 3.Watching your tax dollars at work by Katie 4.A few days in a war zone by Harrison Healy Remembering Rachel: 5. A Message ...

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Soldiers shamed by checkpoint

By Harry Palestine Pal Yesterday there was a demonstration against the wall and checkpoints in Tulkarem. We were at a checkpoint called Jebara where the wall has cut off the village of Jebara and its 500 residents. Obviously 500 people ...

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Tulkarem Protesting Jebara Chekpoint

For Immediate Release A series of nonviolent actions will take place in Tulkarem this week against the dehumanizing checkpoints surrounding Tul Karem as well as the separation barrier that have destroyed the areas economy. The first action will occur at ...

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Over 200 Palestinian Children Arrested in Two Months

March 2, 2006 – Defence for Children International – Palestine Section (DCI/ PS@dci-pal.org) Israeli occupation forces are arresting scores of Palestinian children each week, bringing the number of juveniles currently held in appalling conditions in Israeli detention centres and prisons ...

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Take a Virtual Tour of the 2006 Balata Invasion

Inside a home that was first set on fire, then exploded to kill three fighters hiding inside. A Palestinian-built roadblock on Balata Camp’s main street obstructs the movement of military vehicles. Breaking curfew, a woman escorts four children past army ...

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