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CPT: Settlers Injure Palestinian with Stones

2 June 2011 | Christian Peacemaker Teams

For Immediate Release

In the old city in Hebron, two boys, ages 14 and 15, residents of Beit Hadassah Settlement, threw multiple stones, some as large as 5 inches, at Palestinians walking past in the market place. One nine year old boy was struck with two stones causing a head injury that splattered the sidewalk and storefront with blood. An ambulance arrived to rush the boy to the hospital for emergency care.

An IDF soldier stationed beside the settlement had neither tried to stop the boys nor take any action against the two teens who had hurled these stones at the people shopping below. An Israeli Policeman later called on a resident who saw much of the incident and took information to investigate further into this tragedy.

This same resident’s house is back to back with the Beit Hadassah settlement. Besides enduring daily harassment from settlers, he needs to board his windows to protect his family from the violence of the settlers. Lately, he reported several incidents, including settlers from Beit Hadassah smashing his car windows and throwing eggs at his store.