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Too Hot for New York

Originally printed in The Nation by Philip Weiss The slim book that was suddenly the most controversial work in the West in early March was not easy to find in the United States. Amazon said it wasn’t available till April. ...

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“You won’t impose your wall on us!”

In the continuation of the non-violent resistance to the annexation wall in the Palestinian village of Bil’in, demonstrators carried a model of the wall with the sentence “You will not impose your wall on us” written in Arabic. The 150 ...

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Beit Sira March Today

MEDIA ADVISORY Today, March 14th at 2:00 PM The villagers of Beit Sira will hold a protest march on their land that is being stolen by the Annexation barrier. They will be joined by Israeli and international supporters. The path ...

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We Mourn the Loss of Tom Fox

1-We Mourn the Loss of Tom Fox 2- The Association of Muslim Scholars in Palestine calls for the release of the remaining hostages. 3- Palestinians saddened at Fox’s killing “Why are we here?” Reflection written by Tom Fox in Iraq ...

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Non violent activist faces 11th court appearance

By Harrison Healy, Jerusalem On February 8, Palestinian activist Mohammad Mansour made his 11th court appearance relating to “crimes” committed at a demonstration in 2004. For over a year-and-a-half, Mohammad Mansour has been repeatedly required to appear before Judge Ron ...

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