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Morality’s chief of staff

Gideon Levy | Ha’aretz 16 August 2009 Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi is a moral and ethical paragon who stands atop an organization that is no less moral or ethical. Last week, he broke his silence and proved his acute sensitivity ...

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Palestinians protest razing of homes

Sharon Roffe-Ofir | YNet News 15 August 2009 A few hundred people gathered Saturday outside of Umm al-Fahm in order to protest the destruction of homes in Arab areas. Protestors blocked Highway 65 for a few minutes and then held ...

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Rights group: Israel killed unarmed Palestinians

Jen Thomas | Associated Press 13 August 2009 A new report by Human Rights Watch charged Thursday that Israeli soldiers killed eleven unarmed Palestinian civilians who were carrying white flags in shooting incidents during Israel’s offensive in Gaza earlier this ...

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An account of life on the West Bank

Lamia Khatib | The Huffington Post 13 August 2009 Lamia Khatib is a 27 year old Palestinian mother of of four. Lamia’s husband Mohammad is secretary of the village council and a member of the Popular Committee Against the Wall ...

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