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EU eyes exports from Israeli settlements

Ralf Beste and Christoph Schult | BusinessWeek 14 July 2009 The Israeli settlement known as Maale Adumim sits fortress-like atop a red stone plateau. In the Bible, the road to the plateau was known as the “steep red road.” As ...

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Bil’in under fire: peaceful resistance meets assailment

Jennifer Urgilez | MIFTAH 15 July 2009 The systematic arrest of Bil’in activists begins with the covert intrusion of Israeli soldiers into Bil’in at the stroke of midnight. From the west, soldiers cross the Separation Wall in military vehicles concealed ...

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Farmers harassed in Khiriat Salama

30 June 2009 On Monday the 30th of June some farmers of the Khiriat Salama, a village about 15 km south west of Hebron, were prevented from working their land. They were forced to leave their olive groves by Israeli ...

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In the West Bank, suburb or settlement?

Howard Schneider | The Washington Post 29 June 2009 Chaim Hanfling knows a lot about this settlement’s population boom. Six of his 11 siblings have moved here from Jerusalem in recent years to take advantage of the lower land prices, ...

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Israeli forces and settlers harass shepherd

29 June 2009 At 9am a group of 5 settlers from the Sussya settlement in the south Hebron hills, accompanied by a uniformed soldier, approached a young shepherd and his sheep. They came with a tractor and trailer and they ...

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