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Farmers harassed in Khiriat Salama

30 June 2009

On Monday the 30th of June some farmers of the Khiriat Salama, a village about 15 km south west of Hebron, were prevented from working their land. They were forced to leave their olive groves by Israeli soldiers and got delivered a paper with a decision of an Israeli court that stated that from this day on they need a license to work their land. 25 families have their olive groves near the settlement of Nahal Negohot in a ‘C’ declared area (the small village of Salama with its 400 inhabitants is subdivided into A, B and C zones). Since this settlement has been established, the inhabitants of Salama village had to defend their land against its enlargement. For example in 2003, around 600 olive trees were burnt down and on some parts of the burned groves are now being cultivated by settlers.

In addition there are 11 families in area B and C who are threatened with eviction and demolition of their houses due to the lack of licenses to live there. Quit obviously they never will get one; people requested for these permits two years ago without any response, even through today.

Furthermore one family was prevented to move into their newly built house and was told by the IDF about an already existing demolition order.

The families of Khiriat Salama are now waiting the decision of DCO (District Coordination Office which is negotiating the interests of Israelis and Palestinians within the West Bank). In the case they should receive an unfavorable decision from the DCO they will try to make an appeal for a final judgment of an Israeli high court.

A typical case of daily live in the occupied territories: In the name of the security of Israeli settlers, life of Palestinian families is just getting impossible. This is just one of the impacts of colonialism.