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A Song from Gaza: Alone (لوحدك)

Alone/ لوحدك is a poem by Egyptian poet Ehab Lotayef performed by Haidar Eid on the music by Reziq JuJu.
Haidar Eid is a professor at al-Quds University in Gaza City now trying to stay alive in the midst of the genocidal attack by apartheid Israel on Gaza.
Haidar wants to express the feelings of the people in Gaza, that the world has left them alone.
Alone (On your own)
لو الدنيا ضاقت وجار الزمان
ومات الضيا واستبد الظلام
When your world collapses, when times are most difficult
When light suffocates, when darkness reins
وهانوا الكرام وسادوا اللئام
وتهنا ما بين الحلال والحرام
When the righteous are oppressed, when the wicked rule
when the world can’t distinguish right from wrong
وحده صوتك ينور ليالي الأسية
بكلمة جريئة تناجي النهار
Only your voice will illuminate these harsh nights
with a brave word, that summons daylight
لو ناسك خنوعة وصاحبك جبان
يحب المراوغة، يخاف م الكلام
When your people submit. When your friend is a coward
afraid to rise up, afraid to speak
في وسط المظالم وتحت الحصار
يا واقف لوحدك مفيش لك خيار
In the midst of injustices and under siege
You, who stands alone, have no recourse
غير صوتك: تنور ليالي الأسية
بكلمة جريئة تناجي النهار
But your voice: illuminate the harshest of nights
with a courageous word, usher daylight