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Donald Trump forced to change travel plans after Palestinians protest in Bethlehem

Donald Trump abandoned plans to visit Bethlehem’s Church of Nativity today due to the presence of a Palestinian protest outside the building.


Palestinians protest in solidarity with prisoners’ hunger strike today in Bethlehem

The US President changed plans at the last minute, reportedly infuriating the Palestinian Authority by breaking with official protocol. Instead, Trump conducted a short meeting with Mahmoud Abbas and a press conference in which he condemned last night’s terror attack in Manchester.

Security arrives at the compound to prepare for President Trump’s visit

Security was high at Trump’s meeting, with the American convoy entering and exiting the Palestinian compound quickly and discreetly this morning. The President was greeted by an American marching band upon his arrival. Bethlehem’s Hebron Road was blocked off by scores of heavily armed Palestinian security service officers, and the whole process was observed by at least four snipers positioned on nearby rooftops.

Sniper tells ISM activist not to take photos

Palestinians had been holding a protest outside the Church, the birthplace of Jesus Christ, in solidarity with the 1,500 prisoners currently on hunger strike in Israeli jails. The prisoners have refused to eat since the 17th of April, and many are now refusing to drink water as well.

The prisoners are demanding an end to the practice of administrative detention, where Palestinians can be imprisoned indefinitely without charge, an end to solitary confinement and the right to family visits. Israel has yet to begin negotiating with the prisoners. In the last few days, 70 of the prisoners have been moved to civilian hospitals due to a ‘serious deterioration’ in their health conditions.