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2017 Open Shuhada Street Hebron Schedule

Against Settlements will use culture, creativity, and resistance for its annual Open Shuhada Street campaign February 19-25.

Campaign schedule:

February 19 Start of the open shuhada street campaign in Hebron

18:00 Candle lighting by children from Hebron’s old city.

February 20

16:00 Campaign participants will visit Shuhada Street families living under the most extreme conditions.

February 21

15:00 Raising the Palestinian flag in Tel Rumieda .

February 22

14:00 Tour of Hebron’s old city for diplomats, journalists, and a Veterans For Peace delegation from the US, including former CIA analyst, Ray McGovern.

February 23

12:00 Official visit to Shuhada Street from Israeli parliament member Dove Hanin. Mr. Hanin is a parliament member of Israel’s Arab party.
17:00 Film screening in Cinema Hebron

February 24

11:30 Open Shuhada Street protest in Hebron – Thousands of will gather to protest the closure of Shuhada Street. They will attempt to enter Shuhada Street.

February 25

11:00 Press conference and commemoration of Ibrahimi mosque massacre. After the press conference we will have a memorial candle lighting ceremony for the victims.

2017 marks 50 years of Israeli occupation and 23 year since the Ibrahimi mosque massacre in Hebron. On February 25, 1994 Israeli settler Baruch Goldstein opened fire in the Ibrahimi mosque killing 29 Palestinians in worship. Since then, Shuahda Street, once the main street and marketplace, has remained almost entirely closed to Palestinians. There are 20 checkpoints and front doors to Palestinian shops and homes are sealed shut.

Youth Against Settlements Open Shuhada Street campaign, held annually since 2010, aims to reopen Shuhada street and end the closures and inequality in Hebron and throughout Palestine and Israel. The following events below will be held in Hebron between February 19-25. International solidarity actions and educational events will be held throughout Europe and the US during the week.

Numerous Youth Against Settlements activists will be traveling from Hebron to Europe to participate in activities and give talks on Open Shuhada Street. Activists, Ayat Jaabari and Sondos Azzih will travel to Germany; Nour Abu Aisheh and Sohiab Zahdeh to Italy; Ahmad amro , Mohanned Qafisheh to the Netherland and Brussels; Anas Amro and Izzat Karaki to Sweden, Murad amro to France and Switzerland, Hijazi Ebido to Denmark: and Abed Salaymeh to the UK.

European partners for the campaign include: European partners for the campaign include: AsopashaPalestinia, Friends of Al Aqsa, Friends of Palestine, Internationalt Forum, Kurve Wustrow, London Palestine Action, Netherlands Palestine Committee, Palæstina Aktion, Palæstina Fredsvagter (International Solidarity Movement), Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and the Palestine Solidarity Association of Sweden.

Source: Youth Against Settelments