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While village attended funeral, Zionists stole

18 October 2011 | International Solidarity Movement, West Bank

On Tuesday, a  family in Kufr Qalil cancelled all olive harvest because of the death of a family member.

While the people in the household were at the cemetery to attend the funeral, settlers from the adjacent Berakha settlement took the opportunity to visit the household’s farmland. A shepherd witnessed how the settlers stole the furniture, equipment and tools (including a chain saw) that were used by the farmers during the olive harvest.

The farmer family in Kafr Qalil has been harassed by settlers earlier. Five years ago, settlers cut down all almond trees in the yard.

The olive harvest is traditionally a joyful time in Palestine, and the oil produced from the olives is the main income for many families. Israeli occupation has however had huge impact on this practice. Many farmers nowadays have to seek special permission from Israeli authorities to harvest their trees.

Harassment by settlers and ignorance from the Israeli military make the harvest time uncertain and stressful.


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