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Victory in Sheikh Jarrah!

by Ron

05 October 2010

Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem

Activists were delighted yesterday when they won a sweet victory against the ever-encroaching colonization of east Jerusalem. The Zionists at Shimon Hatzadik had planned a huge rally for the night of the sixth of October and to support that had illegally (as always) erected three large metal flag-posts on land that was not theirs. Not only was this blatant trespass and criminal damage to property but these seven meter tall monstosities towered over the area in nasty attempt to dominate the locals, who already suffer from daily harassment and persecution. A large but calm crowd of Palestinian locals, Israeli activists and ISM’ers gathered with a view to removing this provocative eyesore without delay.
Inexplicably the Israeli activist Sarah from Solidarity Sheikh Jarrah who reported the offence committed by the Zionist colonizers was arrested, despite clear video evidence showing she had not done anything wrong of any description. The message is clear-report criminal activity by Zionists and you will be arrested.
At any rate within an hour the Palestinian landlord of the property arrived and despite attempts by the Zionists to bribe him, without hesitation, he ordered the offending posts to be taken down. To great cheers they were immediately torn down and unceremoniously chucked back where they had come from. Like a smaller version of the fall of the Berlin wall everyone was excited and happy afterwards. The cowardly Zionists could only look on, impotent to intervene without the might of the Israeli military machine to protect them.
A bold, brave and successful action by all concerned and one to stiffen our resolve to fight the ever-ongoing ethnic-cleansing happening day after day in Jerusalem.