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Settler attacks increase in Tel Rumeida

A Palestinian property in Tel Rumedia where windows have been smashed by settlers.

A Palestinian property in Tel Rumedia where windows have been smashed by Israeli settlers.

Israeli settler attacks on Palestinians have increased over the past few days in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood in Al Khalil.

On Sat. July 17, Mohammed, a shopkeeper, was approached by twelve Israeli settlers near his shop by the Tomb of the Patriarchs. Without provocation, two of the settlers grabbed Mohammed and a third punched him in the face, forcing him to the ground, according to Mohammed. When the ambulance arrived to take Mohammed to the hospital, the military refused. After some discussions between the soldiers and the border police, who witnessed the event, a military ambulance arrived, checked Mohammed’s medical status, and transported him to the waiting Palestinian ambulance. Although he was not in need for further hospitalization, Mohammed’s left chin and the area around his left eye were black and blue and swollen.

Two days after the attack, Mohammad visited the hospital for a second time. The doctor told him that there was bleeding in his left eye, which may need surgery, according to Mohammed.

The Israeli settler violence continued on the evening of Sun. July 18, when Abdullah, an 11-year-old Palestinian boy, was hit by an Israeli motorcyclist, driving “at full speed,” according to an eyewitness. Abdullah was riding his bike at the time of the incident, close to a school near the Tomb of the Patriarchs. Abdullah was taken to hospital for intensive care, and was treated for critical injuries throughout the night.

On Mon. morning, Abdullah’s condition was stabilized and he was removed from the Intensive Care Unit. He spent one more night at the hospital in order to receive further testing because the doctors feared that Abdullah may have internal bleedings.

The settler that hit Abdullah was taken to the Police station, but was soon released. He was seen riding his motorbike on Mon. afternoon in the same area.

In the same area, near the Tomb of the Patriarchs, a Palestinian family suffered a settler attack on Sun. night. Several windows were smashed with stones.

Christian Peacemakers Team has also reported escalating settler violence in the area around Hebron. Settlers have recently tried to burn Palestinian farmers’ crops and have smashed two car windows in the village of Boere.

Photos of Mohammed’s injuries and the broken windows to be published soon