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al Ma’asara demonstrates against the Apartheid Wall

7 August 2009

Yesterday night military vehicles blocked the entrance of al Ma’asara village. This act came, last week, after Israeli Occupying Forces (IOF) threatened to put the village under siege if it had continued the weekly protests.

In al Ma’asara today dozens of Palestinian protestors against the apartheid Wall and the settlements were joined by groups of around 80 internationals from all over the world and some Israeli activists.

Protestors marched towards the Apartheid Wall carrying Palestinian and Fatah flags as a message to the members of Fateh from the popular resistance movement to adopt the popular resistance as strategy for the future and also as a message that unity is priority for the Palestinians. protestors marched toward their land chanting for the immediate end to the Israeli Occupation and Colonization of Palestine.

The Israeli Occupying Forces (IOF) put a razor wire on the road at the exit of the village and stopped the march, denying people the right to access their land. Protesters stood against the soldiers, holding speeches in Arabic, Hebrew and English. Some protestors stayed longer trying to encourage the young soldiers from serving in a occupying army.