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Settlements continue to expand in Hebron

25 May 2009

North of Hebron, in a Palestinian village named Al Bueire, settlers had built an outpost over one and a half months ago. When Israeli forces finally removed the illegal outpost on 25 May 2009, settlers coordinated attacks on the Palestinian residents.

Around 4pm, settlers began to throw stones at the house of the Palestinian resident who owns the land upon which the outpost was built. Several Israeli solidarity activists were present at the scene and pressured the Israeli army and border police to prevent another attack from the settlers.

During the night on 25 May 2009, a road which leads to the village was blocked by settlers with big rocks. However, the Palestinian residents were able to remove the rocks in the morning. Additionally, settlers hoisted Israeli flags at the site of the outpost.

26 May 2009

At 10am on Tuesday, 26 May 2009, settlers from Karmel settlement came unto remaining land from Umm Al Kher with bulldozers to clear the Palestinian land. The inhabitants of Umm Al Kher tried to go out to prevent the settlers, but were stopped by Israeli border police.

In an hour, some 20 residents alongside an UNRWA official who happened to be in the area went to the land. Shortly thereafter, the Israeli occupation forces declared the area a Closed Military Zone and forced the Palestinians away.

Settlers from Karmel are continously trying to expand their illegal settlement with structures to de-facto annex Palestinian land. Residents from Umm Al Kher are frequently harassed by settlers and are not allowed to build new homes, connect to an electrical circuit or connect to a water system.