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Army invades Azzoun, uses family home as sniper’s post.


At around 15:00, one army jeep and one hummer, with 6-8 soldiers entered the village of Azzoun. Sound bombs were thrown as well as smoke bombs at the entrances of two buildings. After circling the village several times, the army occupied an apartment in central Azzoun which they had invaded two nights previously.

The residents, husband, wife and elderly mother, entered their home with two Human Rights Workers (HRWs) to find three heavily armed soldiers using the bedroom as a sniper post. This position overlooked the town centre where young children were congregating. The soldiers detained the family and HRWs in one room for approximately an hour, while one soldier remained at the bedroom window in sniper position.

When questioned by HRWs, the commander stated that the raid was taking place in response to alleged rock and molotov cocktail throwing at Israeli vehicles, for which no proof has been provided.

He threatened arrest of HRWs several times and when the soldiers finally left the home, stated to HRWs ‘I swear to God, don’t fuck with me. Tell these ‘poor’ people that the next time a kid throws stones at the road, the next time we enter this village, it will end in killing. Believe me.’

He then added ‘I am a good sniper, I was trained for this. I had a good shot the other day’ (referring to the shooting of two young boys the previous week).

At approximately 18:00, after dark, there was the sound of shooting near the town centre. HRWs approached and found 4-6 soldiers walking down the main street in Azzoun, shooting at rooftops, in front of vehicles, and aiming rifles at HRWs, apparently at random.

The 2 vehicles (one hummer and one jeep) circled the town at least twice, and left the area. It is unclear whether soldiers used rubber bullets or live ammunition, due to the darkness.