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Palestinian community says no to roadblocks, yes to freedom


Following correspondance from one of our activists, we have been made aware that the army wish to remove the road block permanently on Saturday. Although we hold reservations that being Shabbat, this is unlikely to occur, we have to respect the wishes of the village who wish to cancel the demonstration for the time being in good faith that the army will actually remove the blocks.

We apologise for any inconvenience and sincerely hope that the Israeli military hold to their word and remove the road block permanently as they have claimed.

ISM Media Team

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On Friday the 24th, August 2007 at 1pm, the village of Sarra, on the
outskirts of Nablus, will demonstrate against the Israeli army’s
imposition of restrictions on freedom of movement. The villagers, for
the last five years, have had to contend with roadblocks built on the
routes they use to travel to work and school. The army erected these
roadblocks in order to accommodate the wishes of Israeli settlers, who
have moved to the area in recent years. Consequently what should be a
ten-minute journey to Nablus city requires an hour resulting in
increased hardship and financial cost to the Palestinian residents.
On Monday the 20th of August international and Palestinian activists
removed a roadblock successfully. However, as the army may replace the
roadblock, the international and Palestinian activists will
demonstrate to prevent this. The demonstrators intend to walk past the
point of the roadblock to a nearby checkpoint, Deir al Sharraf, to
demonstrate against the greater restrictions by the army impeding
Palestinian movement not just against Sarra, but against the Nablus
community as a whole.
To get to Sarra, take the service from Ramallah to Huwwara Checkpoint
and then take a taxi to Nablus. From Nablus city center, take a taxi
to Sarra. Please gather at the school in Sarra by 1:00pm. The action
will take place following prayers.