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IOF invasions into Marda village

from a report by IWPS,

On Wednesday 14th February at 6.30 pm, IOF jeeps invaded Marda village in Salfit region and stopped in front of the mosque. At 7.00 pm, IOF soldiers approached two young men and took their identification cards. It was reported that the IOF soldiers cursed at the men and threatened to destroy their identification cards unless they brought “ the boys who threw stones at the jeeps.” The soldiers then threw numerous tear gas and sound bombs in the center of the village.

At 8.00 pm, when IWPS volunteers arrived in the center of the village, there were three jeeps, one military police vehicle, and approximately 10 soldiers present, restricting residents from walking or driving past them. At 9.00 pm, villagers reported that the soldiers threw the two identification cards in front of a shop and drove out of the village. Residents noted that IOF soldiers made frequent visits to the village in the past week during the evening hours.

On Thursday 16th the IOF shot a village youth with a rubber bullet and ordered all the shopkeepers to close their shops.