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Carmel-Agrexco’s UK headquarters blockaded for the third time

from Indymedia UK, November 27th

For the second time this year [previous action], Palestine Solidarity activists blockaded Israeli company Carmel-Agrexco’s UK headquarters in Hayes, Middlesex, in the early morning of 26 Nov 2006 [press release]. The action was part of an ongoing non-violent protest against recurrent breaches of human rights and international law in the occupied territories of Palestine and to highlight Agrexco’s illegal activity in court.

The blockaders braved torrential rain for nearly 6 hours, completely stopping all deliveries to and from the depot. A structure was erected from metal fence panels, blocking Agrexco’s main gate. Two activists were locked onto the company’s vehicle access gate, inside the company grounds, while another two secured the second gate.

Once again, Agrexco made a decision not to prosecute the blockaders for fear of the negative publicity another court case could generate [see previous trial].

Do you think the police don’t want people to see the banner!

Carmel-Agrexco in Hayes is the main UK depot of Israel’s 50% state-owned export company. Agrexco is responsible for exporting the majority of fruit and veg from illegal settlements in the West Bank to the UK. The UK is a large part of the market for settlement produce, making up 60% of Agrexco’s total exports.

Agrexco profit from Israel’s illegal occupation and entrenched system of apartheid in the occupied Palestinian territories. In the Jordan Valley region of the occupied West Bank, Agrexco cultivate stolen Palestinian land while Palestinians work for them for less than a living wage. Carmel-Agrexco can deliver fruit and veg to Europe in 24 hours while the produce of Palestinian farmers rots in the fields because the farmers are prevented from bringing it through Israeli military checkpoints.

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