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Bil’in Continues Struggle Despite Soldier Brutality

Tomorrow, August 18, 2006, at 9am Palestinians from the village of Bil’in will gather in the local playground at a school in Bil’in to hold a football game under the banner “Stop The Wall.” In the midst of the Occupation, the football game is a joyous act of resistance.

After the game, at 1pm Palestinian players will join together with internationals and Israeli activists for the weekly demonstration against the Apartheid wall and the illegal confiscation of village land for use by Israeli settlers. At last Friday’s demonstration, the Israeli army met the nonviolent demonstrators with an unprovoked display of brutatility and violence, causing two serious head injuries and at least twelve other injuries. One Israeli and one international still remain in the hospital for the head injuries incurred last Friday. Choosing to steadfastly continue with their weekly demonstrations despite the army’s brutality, at tomorrow’s demonstration the villagers and activists will carry the message “You Cannot Break Our Spirit.”
The Bil’in Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements has organized weekly demonstrations since January 2005.

Throughout their struggle Israelis and internationals have been supportive in resisting army incursions into the village, imposed curfew, and the wall that has estranged the villagers from 60% of their farmland.

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