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Some Palestinian reactions to the suicide bombing

From Sa’eed Yakin, the coordinator of the Popular Committee in the northwest Jerusalem area:
“The first thing I would like to say is that we are categorically against the killing of civilians on both sides. The second thing is that this suicide bombing came as a result of the Israeli policy, especially that of the last two months. The third point is that murdering innocent people is an egregious crime when it is acted by a formal state like the Israeli government. They have been doing this and other violence in Gaza Strip, Nablus, and all around for over two months, by invasions, inflicting poverty on the people, the one sided racial separation, the wall, demolitions of houses, etc. The last two months more than 16 people were killed in Gaza Strip by the Israeli occupation forces.”

From Mohammed Issa Abadia, Jenin District popular committee against the wall, settlements, and occupation:

“This kind of resistance [the suicide bombing] doesn’t lead to any positive result, but the reason behind it is that there is nobody and no state in the world really supporting the Palestinian Popular struggle. So that is the reason, the frustration and the need to bring attention to the situation here.”

From Fatma al Khaldi, member of the Popular Resistance in Salfit District:
“Insulting people all the time in checkpoints, humiliating them in many other situations; this led to this thing. Israel in particular, and the whole world in general, bear the responsibility for what happened today. What do they expect from us? If you plant violence, as Israel does, then you will harvest violence. We will never surrender, and we won’t allow the Israeli government to slaughter us like sheep. They are fighting us even in our daily food and basic living resources.”

From Ahmad Hassan Awad, Palestine Scientists Forum (Islamic Scholars Org.):
“We are people seeking peace, but the occupation refuses our offer and insists on not working for peace. The occupation completely bears responsibility for what’s going on right now. This is a natural reaction against the crimes of the occupation.”

From anonymous from Al Araqa, which is the village where the bomber came from:
“Most of the people here are against all kinds of violence, but violence generates violence. This [bombing] came as a result of the Israeli’s brutal acts against the Palestinian citizens.”