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Biet Sira Take action Against the Wall


Beit Sira raise protest tent on the path of the wallWednesday Februaury 22nd at 8:30 in the morning the villagers of Beit Sira will attempt to stop the destruction of the land for the construction of the annexatoin barrier.

Today at 12:00am the people of the West Bank village of Beit Sira raised a protest tent on the main road that connect their village with the latroon area and prevented bulldozers from demolishing the main road of the village.

Ismael Mahmoud, a member of the popular committee against the wall, told ISM that the Israeli military previously uprooted more than 1500 of the village olive trees to build a barrier that will isolate more than 800 dunnms of land from the village. Today the military are uprooting more trees and have destroyed the village road.

The Israeli soldiers declared the area a closed military zone and brought more support in attempt to evacuate the protesters and arrest some of the residents. This after noon at 17:30, the Israeli military was shooting teargas and stun grenades at some youth throwing stones.

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