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Peace Group Detained, Activist Arrested

Thursday December 20th, dozens of American and British civilians helped Palestinian villagers remove Israeli roadblocks in the northern village of Hares and Yasuf in the Salfit region.

The international group was threatened with arrest, yet they continued to work removing the roadblock in the presence of Israeli soldiers and bulldozers.

During the peace action, the International Solidarity Movement bus was intercepted and detained by Israeli Security Forces.

One American was arrested and and forceably dragged by her hair.

At 5pm, security guards at the Ariel settlement are refusing ISM representatives access to police station where the American sitizen is being held.

For more information, contact
Huwaida Arraf at 052-642-709
or Neta Golan at 055-213-096 or 052-481-261

The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is comprised of local Palestinian and foreign civilians working to raise awareness of the Palestinian plight for freedom and an end to Israeli military occupation. We call on Israel to immediately implement UN Resolutions and abide by international law. We urge the United Nations and our respective governments to take decisive action to ensure Israel’s compliance therewith.

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