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House Confiscation in Old City Hebron

On Thursday, March 20 and Friday the 21st the Israeli army invaded a family's home in Hebron. International and Palestinian Human Rights Workers were able to stall them for one day, but on Friday they returned, evicted the family, confiscated the house, and welded the door shut to prevent anyone from returning. In the process, they also arrested the owner of the house and one Palestinian HRW.

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Protest against charity closure goes peacefully

Yesterday at 12.00 in the centre of Hebron city around 1000 students, orphans and concerned people marched against the closure of a local charity. The Islamic Children’s Centre feeds, houses, educates and provides medicine for orphans in Hebron. However the ...

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Street fighting and home invasions in Hebron

03-05-08 Three days ago the city of Hebron awoke to the sound of shooting and shouting. The Army cleared the checkpoint area with tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets and then occupied a house overhead to watch and shoot at ...

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Security Stranglehold Tightens in Hebron

By: Becky For a week now the security checks on Palestinians and internationals in Hebron has maintained it’s tightest grip since our arrival. Soldiers who a month ago limited themselves to their posts now extend their jurisdiction along whole streets; ...

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Non-violent Protest in South Hebron Hills

The hills south of Hebron are home to many Palestinian farmers and shepherds who live off the land. But in recent years a line of settlements have slowly pushed them out of their homes. The people of Susiya village now ...

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Beit Ummar Curfew

At 1 am on the 13th of February the village of Beit Ummar was invaded by Israeli soldiers and put under military curfew. Over 40 people were arrested as the area was declared a closed military zone. The press were ...

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