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Settler documented firing in Hebron won’t be tried

Aviad Glickman | YNet News 8 June 2009 The Jerusalem District Prosecutor’s Office plans in the coming days to renege on an indictment filed against Ze’ev Braude, who was accused of firing at an Arab family during the evacuation of ...

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Settlements continue to expand in Hebron

25 May 2009 North of Hebron, in a Palestinian village named Al Bueire, settlers had built an outpost over one and a half months ago. When Israeli forces finally removed the illegal outpost on 25 May 2009, settlers coordinated attacks ...

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Settlements contaminate Palestinian water supply in Hebron

26 May 2009 In between the illegal settlments of Kyriat Arba, Givat Harsina and 2 military bases, live Palestinian families that face many hardships. Sewer water from the settlements contaminates their supply of clean water, often overflowing from the sewers. ...

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Settlers, farmers, soldiers, internationals

Max Blumenthal | Mondoweiss On Saturday I traveled to the South Hebron Hills, to the Palestinian village of Safa, with an Israeli group called Ta’ayush that works to protect Palestinian farmers from settler violence and documents the proliferation of illegal ...

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Palestinians protest land confiscation in Hebron

9 May 2009 The Youth Against Settlements group, with participation from international and Israeli solidarity activists, organized a protest in Bwaireh north east of Hebron on Friday. The protesters built a small booth in response to the recent construction of ...

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Two Palestinians shot during settler riot in Saffa

Palestine Solidarity Project 2 May 2009 For three days in a row settlers from the right-wing extremist settlement Bet Ayn have entered the land of Khirbet Saffa, an area of Beit Ommar Municipality, shooting at Palestinian homes and damaging agricultural ...

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