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International strategy for Palestinian prisoners needed

by Joe Catron 2 February 2012 | Al Akhbar English “Any movement that does not support its political internees is a sham movement.” – US political prisoner Ojore Lutalo Political prisoners, their families, and their concerns and causes enjoy massive ...

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Loay Auda: From a closed cell to the jail of exile

by Silvia Todeschini 26 November 2011  | International Solidarity Movement, Gaza Loay Auda, in Israeli prisons since 2002, was released in the last prisoner swap exchange. Native of Jerusalem, he was of the many deported to Gaza. In an interview ...

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The lonely olive tree of Bil’in

14 October 2011  | International Solidarity Movement, West Bank Near the concrete wall which separates Bil’in from Modiin Illit colony, occupied by ultra-Orthodox Jews, there is an olive tree.  It is impossible to know how it survived the construction of the wall and how it continues to resist to the lack of a few cares that the specie ...

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