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Ni’lin: Apartheid by candlelight

On Wednesday evening the villagers of Ni’lin held a candle-lit procession to outside the expanding settlement of Hashmoniim. Villagers and international peace activists marched towards the nearby settlement and stopped at the site where the Israeli state is building the ...

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5 people injured by at demonstration in Ni’lin

On Thursday, about 100 Palestinians, joined by international and Israeli solidarity activists, demonstrated in Ni’lin against the construction of the apartheid wall. As the protesters arrived at the site of the demonstration, the Israeli army was waiting. When the peaceful ...

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17 people injured at demonstration in Ni’lin

On the 29th June another demonstration was held in Ni’lin gathering around a hundred villagers. The Israeli soldiers responded fast and violently on the march long before reaching the construction ground. The demonstration resulted in 17 injured persons of which ...

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Praying against the apartheid wall in Ni’lin

On Friday 20th of June the villagers of Ni’lin gathered to pray on the construction ground of the apartheid wall. Ni’lin is the last village of this area where the wall is not yet completed. The closure of the wall ...

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