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Final Thoughts on Four Days in Palestine

by: -bat. I know a number of people have started reading my journal in order to read the Palestine stuff. Thank you for reading, and I am flattered by the attention, but you are kind of in the wrong place. ...

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The road back to Ramallah

by: -bat. Katie and I head out of Hebron in a service taxi, one of the large ones this time, and retrace the route I had taken the night before. It had been dark when I arrived, but now it ...

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Resisting Israel’s Apartheid Road System

Defiant Palestinians Resist Apartheid Road System by Ewan 3 May 2007 Dharariya– Last night, around 75 Palestinians, supported by Israeli and international solidarity activists, arrived at the roadblock on the junction connecting the main road from Dhahiriya to Route 60. ...

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Baruch Marzel Steals Five Goats

Baruch Marzel Steals Five Goats by ISM Hebron, 29 April 2007 Tel Rumeida, HEBRON–At 3.45pm on April 29, Israeli settler Baruch Marzel directed 2 male Israeli settlers to capture 5 Palestinian goats who had wandered close to the Israeli settlement ...

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Taking the piss out of war games in Hebron

by: Yifat Appelbaum Israeli soldiers in Hebron sometimes do exercises to practice for combat situations. Ok, I can accept that. They need to always be on their toes in case there is a terrorist, right? *wink wink nudge nudge* But ...

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YNet: Leftists say violently attacked by settlers

Leftists say violently attacked by settlers by Ali Waked, 27 April 2007 Photo: Dalit Shaham Two Israeli left-wing activists claim to have been beaten by settlers from the Pnei Hever settlement Friday morning. “One of the settlers saw me filming ...

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