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Evening Tribune: ISM at Alfred Univeresity

“Founder of non-violent Palestinian resistance movement speaks at AU” by Ryan Westerdahl, The Evening Tribune 12 April 2007 ALFRED – For Huwaida Arraf, a young woman who has stared down armed soldiers, a speaking engagement at Alfred University presented a ...

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ZNet: Rachel’s Words Silenced Again

Rachel’s Words Silenced Again by Tom Wallace 12 April 2007 Once again the play “My Name is Rachel Corrie” has been cancelled, this time in South Florida. In New York and Toronto the play was cancelled due to pressure from ...

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See the Ad that CBS Didn’t Want You To

See the Ad that CBS Didn’t Want You To from US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation We’re really excited to let you know about an ad campaign that we’ll be running in the Washington, DC metro rail system in ...

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Trials against Connex/Veolia and Alstom in Egypt and France

by the Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign The Egyptian public was outraged to learn from Le Monde Diplomatique February edition that Alstom company (which currently constructs Apartheid Railway in Jerusalem) won a $23 million tender from the Egyptian government for ...

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JPost: “Israeli flower exporters claim victory”

by Jonny Paul, February 14th Israeli flower exporters claimed Valentines Day victory Wednesday following a two-day demonstration by anti-Israel activists attempting to disrupt Israeli produce from leaving the UK headquarters of Carmel-Agrexco. Last weekend activists gathered, some chaining themselves to ...

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