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Free Gaza Movement Mission Statement

To view the Free Gaza Movement website click here Background 2008 marks the 60-year anniversary of the Nakba, “the catastrophe”, when the overwhelming majority of Palestinians were forcibly evicted from their ancestral homeland to create the state of Israel. In ...

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BBC: Diary – Challenging Gaza blockade

To view original reports, published by the BBC, click here Activists from the California-based Free Gaza Movement are planning to sail from Cyprus to Gaza in defiance of an Israeli blockade of the territory. The BBC’s Rachid Sekkai will be ...

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Give ‘Free Gaza Movement’ thumbs up!

By Debbie Menon Edward Said reminded the world shortly before his death in 2003 that it is easier for the West to demonise the Palestinian – through ‘the vicious media and government campaign against Arab society, culture, history and mentality’ ...

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