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PNN: Gathering Steam in South Bethlehem

Nonviolent Activism Gathers Steam in Southern Bethlehem by Sami Awad, April 27th, 2007 To see video, click HERE The southern villages of Bethlehem have been organizing weekly nonviolent resistance activities to the building of the Apartheid Wall that will ultimately ...

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IMEMC: Against the Wall near Bethlehem

Peaceful demonstration against the illegal wall and settlements near Bethlehem Polly Bangoriad, 27 April 2007 On Friday midday Palestinian, Israeli and international peace activists held a non-violent demonstration near the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem, protesting against illegal Israeli ...

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PNN: From Palestine to Virginia Tech

From Palestine to Virginia Tech: We are with you in this Time of Pain by Sami Awad, 20 April 2007 Two days ago a tragic event took place in Virginia Tech in the US that shocked not only the people ...

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IMEMC: Bethlehem tree planting in memorial of Virginia students

Bethlehem: activists plant trees in memorial to students killed in Virginia by Najib Farag, April 21, 2007 Palestinian residents and international peace activists, including Americans, and Israelis, held on Friday a protest against the Israeli Annexation Wall surrounding and suffocating ...

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Turning the other cheek near Bethlehem

by Kobi Snitz The first visible achievement of the non-violent resistance of the Ma’asara villages was visible even before the demonstration began. When people began preparing for the demonstration they noticed that, unlike previous Fridays, there was no construction today. ...

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