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Love is possible

1. A Conference Against the Wall in Bil’in 2. “Love is possible in spite of all the evil we experience” 3. IOF Continues Harassing Jayyous Villagers 4. Downloadable film on The Wall 5. Who’s Afraid of Human Rights Observers? 6. ...

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Who’s Afraid of Human Rights Observers?

1. Human Rights Observer to be Deported from Palestine by Israel. 2. Settler Mobs Attack Palestinians and Besiege Internationals In Hebron 3. Aboud Holds Second Demonstration Against the Wall 4. Army taught a lesson in Bil’in 5. Israeli Use of ...

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Arafat marches in Bil’in

1. Continuing arrests and IDF harassment in Bil’in: 1 beating, arrest of the Bear 2. Tel Rumeida settlement expands during olive harvest while Knesset tour area 3. Bil’in on anniversary of Arafat’s death: link to World peace struggles 4. Bil’in ...

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Arrests, Human Shields and Non-violent Resistance

1. Three More Night-time Arrests in Bil’in; Soldiers Use Human Shield 2. More Settler Attacks in Hebron, While Soldiers and Police Watch 3. “The Nonviolent Option” An Article about US Tour by Palestinian and Israeli Non-Violent Activists Ayed Morrar and ...

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