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Israeli government proposes blocking Palestinian compensation

http://www.btselem.org/english/ The Israeli government has proposed an amendment to the Civil Wrongs Law intended to exempt Israel from paying compensation to Palestinians injured by the security forces. The amendment applies to “residents of a conflict area” and “subjects of enemy ...

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Tali Fahima’s trial continues

Dear Solidarity Movement Members, On Sunday, July 17th, Tali Fahima’s trial sessions will be continued. On this occasion, we are calling on all solidarity movements around the world to join us and let the people of the world and the ...

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Balata Video Collective

Film is an important means of both resistance and communication. The Balata Film Collective was initiated to enable young Palestinians from Balata to break their isolation, challenge their oppression and represent their lives to the world. The Balata film production ...

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Israeli democracy

In a true example of Israeli democracy Sam from Britian was arrested today for holding a Palestinian flag in Jerusalem. He was released with a caution not to disturb the peace a few hours later. See: Police detain peace activist ...

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