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Carmel Agrexco on Trial in Britain

UK Criminal Trial Examines Export Company Carmel Agrexico’s Complicity in Israeli Apartheid Seven Palestine solidarity protesters from London and Brighton were arrested on 11th November 2004 after they took part in a non-violent blockade outside the UK base of an ...

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Electorial Candidates Unite Against the Wall

1. Human Rights Workers: IDF Claims a “Zero Tolerance” for Violent Settlers, But Not in Tel Rumeida 2. Despite Injunction from Israeli Supreme Court – Illegal Construction in Metityahu Mizrah Continues 3. Electoral candidates unite against the Apartheid Wall 4. ...

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Electoral candidates unite against the Apartheid Wall

Candidates from all Palestinian political parties and factions, including Hamas, Fatah, Al Mubadara and others will join the villagers of Bil’in on Friday the 20th of January at 12;00 AM in a march to the construction site of the annexation ...

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Let The Global Boycott of Israel Begin

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE With the occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan hights, in its 39th year, the continuing construction of the Apartheid Wall and Israel refusing any accountability for its crimes against the Palestinian people, it falls ...

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The Fruits of Non-Violence

1.The Fruits of Non-Violence; Building of the Illegal Settlement Metityahu Mizrah is Frozen 2.The Price of Non Violence 3.By Any Means Necessary; IOF Suppress Non-Violent Protest in Bil’in 4.Hebron Disengagement And Violence Begins; Settlers Attempt to Occupy Palestinian Home 5.IOF ...

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