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Stop the Shelling of Gaza! – Action Alert and Digest

1. ACTION ALERT: Stop the bombing of Gaza! Prevent a humanitarian crisis! 2. Laila El-Haddad: “Just another Gaza Friday” 3. Laila El-Haddad: “And suddenly, the seams of childhood disappeared” 4. Video: Shelling of Gaza Continues 5. Amnesty International Calls for ...

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Protest Against the Withdrawal of US and EU Funding

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Bil’in, Occupied West Bank Protesters wearing US, EU and UN flags will eat a lavish feast in front of others, fenced in and wearing Palestinian flags who will eat nothing. The protest symbolises the withdrawal of US ...

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Rachel Corrie Foundation Peaceworks Conference

Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice Peace Works Conference Olympia, Washington, USA April 20th, In Lecture: Arun Gandhi, Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi April 21st, Putting Justice into Action: Exchanging Organizing Strategies and Addressing Issues of Identity and Oppression in ...

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Amnesty International Calls for Halt to Gaza Attacks

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL 11 April 2006 Public Statement Israel/Occupied Territories: Israel must halt attacks on Gaza residential areas – children killed Amnesty International is calling on the Israeli army to end immediately its air bombardments and shelling of civilian residential areas ...

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Bil’in Children Arrested

Mohammad Ahmad Hamad in the back of the police car. Two Palestinian children from the village of Bil’in were arrested mid morning on Tuesday April 12th. Mohammad Abd Al Fattah Burnatt, aged 17, and Mohammad Ahmad Hamad aged 13 were ...

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British Politician Calls for Sanctions Against Israel

Sir Gerald Kaufman, a leading British Member of Parliment has called for sanctions against Israel, and accused elements in the IDF as being ‘out of control.’ He was speaking on the influential BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ program. Kaufman has made ...

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