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Humanity lost

by Laila El-Haddad, November 29th We stood and we waited and we cried and we returned back to Egypt yesterday, and again today. Us and thousands of others. It was anguish. Anguish and misery and desperation personfied in every woman, ...

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Baltimore Chronicle: “Refugees are the key”

by Sam Bahour, November 27th Israel should admit its historical responsibility to the Palestinian people and recognize the rights of the refugees The Bush Administration’s insistence that the Hamas-led government of the Palestinian Authority recognize Israel’s existence may seek to ...

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Apartheid wall legitimized by Israeli supreme court

Haaretz: “Court rejects petition to change route of J’lem envelope fence” by Yuval Yoaz, November 26th An expanded panel of nine High Court of Justice judges, headed by retired Supreme Court president Aharon Barak, on Sunday rejected petitions claiming the ...

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Ynet: “Politics of uncertainty”

by Laila al-Hadad, November 27th, Hope gives way to disappointment as Palestinians wait for crossing to open My family and I are on our way back to Gaza from the US. We flew in to Cairo last week, and from ...

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Apartheid travel ban on Palestinians in Israeli cars

Three stories from Israeli and international press follow: Haaretz: “No more hitching in the West Bank” by Amira Hass, November 23rd The O.C. Central Command, Yair Naveh, dropped a cluster bomb early this week. He signed an order barring Israeli ...

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Amnesty International: “Israel: Fear for Safety”

23 November 2006, PUBLIC AI Index: MDE 15/092/2006 — UA 315/06 Fear for safety URGENT ACTION, ISRAEL/OT: Human rights defenders in the Occupied Territories Human rights defenders working in the Occupied Territories are at risk of attack by Israeli settlers. ...

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