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Postcards from the Edge

by Victoria Macchi, Skin Magazine Katie Miranda’s “postcards” create visual dispatches to the American people of life, death, and innocence demolished in Palestine Two young men, backs turned, wrists bound, heads hanging – paired with anger, a mouth stretched wide ...

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Amnesty International Secretary-General visits Tel Rumeida

Ma’an News: Amnesty International’s secretary-general visits Hebron, meets Old City family besieged by settlers December 7th, The secretary-general of Amnesty International is currently in the occupied Palestinian territories on a special tour to assess the human rights situation in light ...

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Amnesty International Calls For Human Rights Monitors in Palestine

by Amnesty International, December 10th Open Letter from Amnesty International’s Secretary General to European Union leaders on human rights crisis in Israel and the Occupied Territories Amnesty International’s Secretary General Irene Khan today called on European Union Heads of State ...

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Haaretz: “Elbow to Elbow, like Cattle”

by Gideon Levy, December 10th Laila El-Haddad spent the last three weeks in a dismal apartment she was forced to rent in El Arish, Egypt, together with her son Yusuf, who is two years and nine months old. Every few ...

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Black Agenda Report: The Niggerization of Palestine

By Jonathan Scott | Black Agenda Report The situation of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza has become so bad that even the pro-Israeli New York Times is reporting on some of the more revolting developments. For instance, on ...

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The Guardian: “There has to be equality”

by Ismail Patel, December 5th The Arab-Israeli conflict is unlike any other regional conflict. As the UN secretary general, Kofi Annan, put it: “No other conflict carries such a powerful symbolic and emotional charge among people far removed from the ...

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