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Ha’aretz: Twilight Zone / Deer hunters

By Gideon Levy Dec. 30 After a night of rain, the sun broke through the clouds. Two brothers and their brother-in-law decided to go for a hike in the wild, through the spectacular valley of olive trees, west of Ramallah ...

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New Statesman: The grim reality in Gaza

By: Mohammed Omer 10 December 2007 Traffic in the Gaza Strip slowed to a trickle last week, and this week medical centres have scaled back treatment in the medicines and sustenance-destitute Strip. “Israel’s decision is a death penalty: our reserve ...

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On the Twentieth Anniversary of the First Intifada

Click here for the original article The first Intifada began in a piecemeal fashion with demonstrations and civil disobedience sparked by an increasing number of shootings and human rights abuses by the Israeli occupation. The Intifada marked an end to ...

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Apartheid Masked: A Generous Offer to Palestinian Refugees

Click here for the original article. By Neta Golan Anyone familiar with Israeli politics, was not surprised that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert did not acknowledge Israel’s occupation in his speech at Annapolis. What was surprising was, that, short of ...

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