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Palestinian woman hospitalised following settler attack in Sheikh Jarrah

2 January 2010

Nadia al-Kurd, from Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in Jerusalem was taken to hospital today after being attacked by an Israeli settler in her own garden.

At around 2pm, Nadia al-Kurd, 65, was violently pushed by a settler in an unprovoked attack. The settler, one of those currently occupying her neighbours’ house, forced open the gate of her garden, pushing Nadia to the ground. She suffered from breathing difficulties immediately afterwards. Some of those present administered first aid, however, as her state required professional medical treatment, she had to be transported by an ambulance to the hospital. She was discharged later in the afternoon.

When the Israeli police arrived following the attack, they arrested the assailant, identified by several witnesses. The same settler has been arrested before after previous attacks in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood, where daily harassment of the Palestinian population by settlers and police is on the increase.

The house in which the attacker was found and arrested belongs to the Palestinian Gawi family. Displacing 37 members of the extended family, the settlers occupied the seven apartments of the house on 2 August 2009. Several other houses in the neighbourhood are currently threatened with eviction. The future of 51 members of the Shabagh family and their three homes will be decided in a court hearing on 18 January, potentially resulting in another eviction order. Sheikh Jarrah is one of several neighbourhoods currently subjected to attacks and evictions by settlers around Occupied East Jerusalem.