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Gaza Freedom March activists refuse to be silent!

Action for Peace

31 December 2009

The Italian delegation of Action for Peace at the Gaza Freedom March walked today in the streets of Cairo with all other delegations in solidarity with the Palestinian people, to call for an end of the siege on Gaza, the end of the Israeli occupation, the respect of international law and human rights. Even though the march was immediately stopped and some activists were injured by the Egyptian police, we succeeded in organizing a sit-in for about 8 hours in the square of the Egyptian Museum, that became today the Gaza Freedom Square. At midnight we gathered again in Tahrir Square to write our solidarity to Gaza with candels on the ground.

We came to Egypt with the goal of entering Gaza and breaking the siege through a nonviolent demonstration but we were prevented even from reaching the border. The government allowed a delegation of 100 people to enter Gaza in order to bring humanitarian aid, certainly a positive act, but we are here for much more. The people of Gaza do not ask for simple humanitarian assistance but for political action against the siege, which is the cause of the humanitarian crisis in the strip. Border control can be exercised by Israel and Egypt without harming the basic needs and the freedom of movement of the people of Gaza.

We urge the international community to take action after the Goldstone report released by the UN HRs Committee on the war crimes of Israel in the Cast Lead military attack on Gaza one year ago. Impunity cannot be tolerated. We denounce the attempt of the Egyptian government to differentiate between the “good activists” who accepted to bring humanitarian aid and the “bad ones” who insist on the political message of the march against the bockade. We are not devided, we all stand together for the end of the siege, the freedom and unity of the Palestinian people, a just peace in Middle East.

The Gaza Freedom March continued in the streets of Cairo today, while about 1000 people marched in Israel and 500 in Gaza on the two sides of the Eretz border check-point. Other hundreds participated in demonstrations in Ramallah, Bethlehem and other towns in the West Bank, besides the protests organized in many Eropean and American cities. We succeeded in concentrating attention of the international media on Gaza in the anniversary of the tragic militay attack on the strip. The people of Gaza know that they are not alone. May 2010 bring the end of the blockade and justice and pece for the people of Palestine!