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Israeli police deliver East Jerusalem demolition orders

Ma’an News

5 August 2009

Eight Palestinians were injured when they were assaulted by Israeli forces who delivered demolition orders in the Al-Bustan neighborhood of East Jerusalem on Wednesday.

Jerusalem Police used tear gas to disperse residents who confronted the Israeli officers serving five demolition orders in the densely populated neighborhood, where there are already 90 standing demolition orders.

Israeli police also seized the ID card of Musa Odeh, a member of the Al-Bustan Committee, a popular organization dedicated to peacefully opposing the demolitions.

Al-Bustan is part of the Silwan area, in a valley next to Jerusalem’s Old City. The Israeli-controlled Jerusalem municipal government says it intends to level the neighborhood and build a park.

Israeli authorities contend the Palestinian houses were built without construction permits, which are rarely issued to Palestinians. Some of the structures, however, were built before Israel occupied and annexed East Jerusalem in 1967.

The international community does not recognize Israeli control over East Jerusalem, which is part of the West Bank.