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Settlers set fire to Palestinian home in Susiya

21 June 2009

On Sunday morning at 4 am, some settlers tried to burn a tent in the small village of Susiya, south Hebron hills, with people sleeping inside.

The burned tent was used to host international volunteers and guests in the village and as common and social place during the day. Today very early in the morning three young Palestinians were sleeping there when they suddenly realized the tent was starting to burn. With help of other members of the village they were able to stop the fire and call the police. They could not see the settlers who did the action.

The police arrived around 5 am and took the three witnesses to Kiryat Arba police station for further investigation, which lasted 4 hours.

Susiya is a small group of tent located in the south of Yatta village. For a long time, locals have had problems with the violence from settlers and soldiers. The place is surrounded by settlements, outpost and a military base. The last time locals faced violence from nearby settlers was less than 2 month ago when a settler threw a molotov cocktail at a Palestinian tent.