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Palestinian youth shot by Israeli settlers while working his land

27 April 2009

On Monday, the 27th of April, 17-year-old Mohammad Farraj was shot by Israeli settlers while working his lands in Madama, southeast of the city of Nablus.  At around 12:00pm, Mohammad was alone picking almonds on his land near the illegal Israeli settlement of Yizhar.  At least one settler drove up along the nearby settler-only road and shot him in the chest from about 200 meters away.  Mohammad heard three or four shots, and at least one bullet hit him, entering his upper shoulder and exciting through his back.

Mohammad was found wounded by other villagers in the area, who took him in a taxi to the local clinic.  From the clinic, he was transferred by ambulance to Rafidia Hospital in Nablus.  Once at Rafidia, he underwent an emergency operation and was connected to blood tubes.  His condition was described by doctors as moderate.

The Israeli military was not present at the time of Mohammad’s shooting, and no settlers have been punished.  The settlers from Yizhar frequently harass residents of Palestinian villagers in the area.  On the 24th of April, around 30 masked settlers from Yizhar rampaged through the Palestinian village of Urif.  The settlers shot at villagers, houses and water tanks.  The Israeli military soon arrived and also began shooting at Palestinian residents.  At least 12 Palestinians were injured by live ammunition and rubber bullets from soldier and settler gunfire.