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Please support ISM Palestine’s work in Gaza and the West Bank

***Please circulate widely***

Dear Friends,
Volunteers with the ISM from various countries are right now in Gaza, witnessing, documenting and reporting on the Israeli massacre that started December 27. They arrived on the Free Gaza Movements boats that have repeatedly broken Israel’s illegal blockade of Gaza; some have been in Gaza since August.

Because they on are on the ground in Gaza, these international volunteers are able to see first hand what is really going on. The eyewitness information and photographs they have been able to get out expose the true nature of Israeli war crimes.

ISM volunteers in the West Bank have been primarily working in East Jerusalem, Ni’lin, Bil’in, and the Hebron and Nablus regions. They work in coordination with the local residents in providing solidarity against ethnic cleansing by residing with local families in threatened areas, supporting communities in their struggles against the Israeli Apartheid Wall, and maintaining a nonviolent international presence to deter abuses by Israeli settlers and soldiers.

In addition to sending funds from your organizations, we urge you to coordinate fundraisers in your area. Fundraisers are a great way to spread the word about the situation in Palestine and collect the money necessary for us to continue.

If you can help provide funds for these vital causes please consider these options for donation:

  1. Donate securely through PayPal
  2. If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation, please make your checks of $50 or more to ‘NorCalISM’ and put in the subject line ATTORNEY FEES. Send to:NorCalISM
    405 Vista Heights Rd.
    El Cerrito, CA 94530
  3. Transferring money directly into the ISM Palestine bank account (please contact palreports@gmail.com for bank account details)

In Solidarity,
ISM Palestine