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ISM re-establish presence in the Gaza Strip

The International Solidarity Movement would like to announce the re-establishment of a presence in the Gaza Strip. International solidarity activists will be based in Rafah in efforts to show support for non-violent direct action against the Israeli occupation.

As activists from the Free Gaza Movement broke the siege on Gaza in their historic and hugely successful attempt to sail to Gaza from Cyprus, the re-establishment of ISM Rafah was made possible. A number of international solidarity activists aboard the boats made the decision to stay on in Gaza and re-activate an international presence in the area. Since 2003 and the Israeli murders of international activists Tom Hurndall and Rachel Corrie, the ability of internationals to travel into Gaza has been severely restricted, representing just one aspect of the open-air prison that the Israeli state has created in Gaza.

While working in Gaza, the ISM will be supporting non-violent direct action aimed at breaking the Israeli siege on the Strip. Planned actions include:

– Accompanying the fishermen at sea as they assert their right to fish beyond the Israeli imposed limits while documenting Israeli aggression towards these boats.

– Supporting farmers’ direct action to reclaim their lands within the buffer-zone along the green line.

– Supporting non-violent demonstrations at border crossings against the denial of freedom of movement.

– Reporting from the Gaza Strip, bringing human stories from people living under Israeli occupation and siege.