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itisapartheid.org: New anti-apartheid website launched

An incredibly useful new online resource has been created to spread the word about the Apartheid system being imposed by the Israeli state in Palestine. The web site has some very simple ways for you to join the World wide anti-apartheid movement. To view the website click here

The creators of this new website have stated that, “the purpose of the ITISAPARTHEID.ORG web site is to use the tools of the internet and ingenuity of its readers to spread the word about Apartheid in the Israeli Occupied Territories. Web savvy people sometimes refer to this as Viral Marketing or a Guerrilla Marketing campaign. Since the media by and large ignore or are afraid to print the truth, the job of the web site is to get the word out in other ways. You can help by putting ITISAPARTHEID.ORG everywhere you can think of.

The facts on the web site are meticulously researched. The site is based on getting good info out to the public. When the conservatives (in the US) started to label the media as “liberal”, it stuck because they said the lie enough. So by putting the truth — www.Itisapartheid.org everywhere we can think of — it will make the truth as available as the air we breathe. Go to the web site (www.itisapartheid.org) spend 15 minutes and spread the word about Israeli apartheid.”