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Protest against charity closure goes peacefully

Yesterday at 12.00 in the centre of Hebron city around 1000 students, orphans and concerned people marched against the closure of a local charity. The Islamic Children’s Centre feeds, houses, educates and provides medicine for orphans in Hebron. However the charity has been ordered to close by the High Commander of the IOF in Hebron on the justification that it trains and funds groups connected to Hamas.

The group marched from the Al Quds University with agreement from the Palestinian Authority. The march headed down the street into the school threatened with closure. Many students had banners and pieces of bread attached to poles symbolising the starvation of the orphans. The march was kept peaceful and there was no hint of violence but many people were very angry at what is obviously a cruel and unjust act.

The marchers finished in the school and many students climbed onto the roof and hung the Palestinian flag whilst speakers in Arabic and English called on the IOF to reconsider this closure.

The closure also affects the shops which surround the orphans’ library including an orthopedic centre and other retail outlets. Anyone caught with their businesses still open after May 5th will be arrested and sentenced to five years imprisonment.

This march is one of many actions planned in the coming months to prevent the closure.