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Two people shot at Ibrahimi Mosque

Old city of Hebron
Tuesday 2 October, 7 PM.

Two Palestinian teenagers were shot and injured close to the Ibrahimi Mosque, the same Mosque where the 1994 massacre took place, killing 29 people and wounding another 150.

According to the injured man, the shooting preceded with him playing with fireworks, causing the border police to open fire. In the firing the other victim is said to have tried to flee, being shot while running.

When the victims of the shooting arrived to the city’s two Al-Ahli and Hebron hospitals, the man’s condition were described as critical with bullet wounds in his stomach and left wrist, and the woman’s injuries as moderate with a wound in one of her knee. An eyewitness reports that a hospital physician told the woman’s father that she will not be able to walk for a long time ahead.

The Israeli army is said to have opened an investigation about the incident.