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Tel Harvesters Attacked by Masked Settlers


Villagers from Tel, southwest of Nablus city, had been harvesting their olives in the countryside just outside the village, for about one hour when settlers were spotted on the ridge of the hill overlooking the slope where villagers were at work.

One Palestinian man received an injury to the head from the rocks being slung by the settlers. He later reported that rocks hit him twice in the head, as well as once in the body.

Four international Human Rights Workers (HRWs) working alongside the farmers heard other harvesters’ calls and ran up the hill to join them.

HRWs observed the settlers throwing and slinging large stones in the direction of the Palestinians. Approaching the settlers, HRWs attempted to talk with them but were met with stones.

The settlers, at least six between the ages of 15-18, hesitated only briefly after seeing the internationals but soon continued slinging stones and additionally calling out “you Nazi” to the internationals.

The settlers wore scarves wrapped around their heads and covering their faces.

In the ensuing 30 minutes of the attack, the settlers continued slinging rocks, approaching the Palestinians and internationals and at various times trying to take or break the internationals’ cameras, realizing that they were being filmed.

While the throwing of rocks sounds somewhat harmless, the rocks being thrown and slung by the settlers were sizeable.

In response to an HRW that one such rock slung at such close distance would kill somebody, the settler replied: “Yes, I know.” One international HRW took numerous hits from stones and sticks wielded by the settlers, at close range.

Rabbis for Human Rights appeared, quick to assist, and call for medical help. They additionally assured that they would be present with Palestinians in their harvest in the coming days.

The area suffered settler attacks one month prior, when 60 dunums of villagers’ olive groves were burned and destroyed by settlers. Also one shepherd from the area at this time was beaten severely by settlers and had his life threatened with a knife, afterwards they stole his sheep. Every year proves challenging, throughout the West Bank, for Palestinians who wish to access and harvest their olive trees.